At Climeon, we know that collaboration and teamwork are the key to success. Our customers stretch across industries and continents, and we treasure the invaluable partnerships we've built with these outstanding teams.


At our core, we strive to provide technology which empowers our partners to become leading climate solvers, while increasing their profitability.  Without our customers, not one drop of CO2 would be saved, which is why we believe our customers are true climate heroes.

Watch the video to see how Viking Line began this journey with Climeon and became a leading climate solver in the Maritime industry.



Kari Granberg

Project Manager for Viking Glory, Viking Line

"Since 2015, when we first installed Climeon's module, we have had a close cooperation between the companies. We are very proud to now be the first ones to test steam turbines in combination with the Heat Power modules." 

Sir Richard Branson

Founder and CEO, Virgin

"I believe the Virgin – Climeon partnership is a marriage made in heaven"

Ingvar Garðarsson

Chairman of the Board of Varmaorka

"It has outperformed our expectations!"


Sir Richard Branson

Founder and CEO, Virgin

"The best way of doing good is to do it without it costing a lot of money. Ideally you even save money while doing good - Climeon offers this, which makes it so exciting. In the years to come, we will see more players doing business with companies that are making a real effort to get their own house in order. We are going to work on conveying the message - we are proud of what Climeon are doing for our ships and we are going to let people know about it."  

Virgin Voyages has been a customer of Climeon's since 2016, when it ordered a total of 18 Heat Power modules for three ships.



Geothermal Heat Power  |  Flúðir, Iceland

In 2017, Climeon teamed up with Icelandic project developer, Varmaorka, to employ the Climeon Heat Power System to harness geothermal resources in Iceland. In 2019, the first power plant was completed in Flúdir. The small 600 kW plant is now providing valuable energy to the nearby town where there was a growing need for energy stability for greenhouse operations...


Maritime Waste Heat Recovery  |  Florida, USA


As of January 2019, Virgin Voyages has commissioned three mid-sized cruise ships, with an expected capacity of approximately 2,700 passengers each. Virgin Voyages has made a strong commitment to sustainability across their fleet and sailor experiences and in an effort to uphold this commitment chose to utilize waste heat from the ship’s engines...


Industrial Waste Heat Recovery  |  Borlänge, Sweden


SSAB is one of the world's 50 largest steel producers with an annual production of eight million tonnes and a yearly turnover of 55 billion SEK. As a part of their sustainability target of a fossil-free steel industry in 2045, SSAB decided to recover their waste heat with Climeon. Ordering a pilot installation in 2014 as a first step and then a repeat order of one module...


Maritime Waste Heat Recovery  |  Åland, Finland


A Climeon system was installed onboard Viking Line's ship Grace in 2015. Grace is a passenger ferry going between Sweden and Åland. After a successful testing period, as the CO2 and fuel savings were higher than expected, Viking Line's decided to develop the cooperation with Climeon further. On a vessel like the one installed on Viking Grace, Climeon can...

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