At Climeon, we know that collaboration and teamwork are the key to success. Our customers stretch across industries and continents, and we treasure the invaluable partnerships we've built with these outstanding teams.


At our core, we strive to provide technology which supports our customer's sustainability efforts, while increasing their profitability.  Without our customers, not one drop of CO2 would be saved, which is why we are truly grateful for our customers who are actively combatting climate change.

Watch the video or click here to learn how Swedish Steel AB is using HeatPower to decrease their reliance on carbon-emitting energy resources.



Matts Persson

Head of Strategic Energy Management, SSAB

“With Climeon’s new technology, we can take advantage of residual heat from the production processes all year round, as it converts hot water to electrical energy.”

Tom McAlpin

President & CEO of Virgin Voyages

“It’s a brilliant way to reduce emissions and at the same time cut costs. As the first line to put this on-board cruise ships we are incredibly excited about this partnership and thank Climeon for creating a better future for all of us.”

Sir Richard Branson

Founder and CEO, Virgin

"I believe the Virgin – Climeon partnership is a marriage made in heaven"


Sir Richard Branson

Founder and CEO, Virgin

"The best way of doing good is to do it without it costing a lot of money. Ideally you even save money while doing good - Climeon offers this, which makes it so exciting. In the years to come, we will see more players doing business with companies that are making a real effort to get their own house in order. We are going to work on conveying the message - we are proud of what Climeon are doing for our ships and we are going to let people know about it."  

Virgin Voyages has been a customer of Climeon's since 2016, when it ordered a total of 18 Heat Power modules for three ships.


The Kitsune Power Plant

The Kitsune power plant is a hot spring binary power plant connected to the Japanese onsen spa, Midori, in the village of Okuhida in the Gifu region of Japan. Using the spa’s geothermal well water heat to produce electricity gives the spa a reliable source of renewable electricity…

The Shika Power Plant

The Shika power plant is a binary power plant (150kWe) installed in connection to the 2MWe Waita flash system geothermal power plant in the Kumamoto region. Climeon’s HeatPower system increases the plant’s efficiency via a bottoming cycle…

The Sansui Power Plant

The Sansui power plant was constructed following the successful installation of the Shika power plant located in the same village in the Kumamoto region in Japan. The power plant consists of two sites that generate power from a shared steam well…

The Reykholt Power Plant

Reykholt is a tiny village in west Iceland, the local priest realized the potential to not only utilize the town’s geothermal resource for heating, but also produce electricity seeing as the existing well's hot water was far warmer than required by the district heating system…

Viking Line Grace

The pilot project for Climeon was designed for an easy retrofit application, so no major construction was needed on the boat and the installation could take place during normal operation. Climeon's Heat Power system utilizes waste heat from the ferry's engines and exhaust gases...

Swedish Steel – SSAB

As a part of the goal of a fossil free Swedish steel industry in 2045, SSAB decided to adopt Climeon’s Heat Power solution on their site in Borlänge to convert waste heat from the reheating furnace and continuous annealing line into heat power and 100% clean electricity...
A Virgin Voyages cruise ship sailing on deep blue seas.

Virgin Voyages

By utilizing waste heat from Virgin Voyages’ ship's engine, the Climeon Heat Power System is able to significantly increase engine efficiency and providing a fuel cost savings for the cruise line and a substantial contribution to their mission of a net-zero carbon future…

The Flúdaorka Power Plant

The Flúdaorka Power Plant is located just outside Flúdir in southeast Iceland. The area is rich in geothermal heat, mainly used for district heating and green houses. There was an existing well, not in operation, when the planning of the power plant was initialized...

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