About personal data and cookies

Personal data

The personal data that is provided by you to us at Climeon is needed to answer your questions and/or administrate your requests. You determine whether or not you would like to leave your personal data.

If you would like information about what personal data from you that is treated by Climeon, please contact us at info@climeon.com. You have the right to receive such information once per calendar year. You also have the right to demand a correction of inaccurate, incomplete or misleading personal data. You can also report to Climeon that you oppose your personal data for being used in direct marketing.


On our website we use so called cookies, a small text file that can be saved onto your computer when you visit a website. It contains information regarding the website you visited, if you made any settings and how long your visit lasted. Cookies does not contain any viruses and will not harm your computer. They will not identify you personally, only the browser you have installed on your computer.

How does Climeon use cookies?

  • To measure the number of visitors to our site
  • To see what pages on our site that are the most popular among our visitors
  • To gather information used for making our website more customer oriented
  • To deliver relevant information and marketing to our visitors. 

If you do not want storage of cookies on your computer you can turn off that function in the web browser, under security settings. If cookies are not stored on your computer you will not be able to use all the functions or our or other websites. Google has help pages containing instructions for how you clear cookies in the most common browsers.