Steel producer places expansion order towards fossil free steel industry

Based on the successful deployment of Climeon’s solution Climeon Ocean™ in Borlänge, SSAB has decided to expand their installed capacity. Climeon’s revolutionary heat power solution is an important component in SSAB’s focus to lead the way in deploying environmentally-friendly solutions for the steel industry.

An environmentally-friendly electricity production is a crucial step towards Swedish steel industry’s goal of a more sustainable steel production. As a part of the goal of a fossil free Swedish steel industry in 2045, SSAB decided to expand Climeon’s groundbreaking solution Climeon Ocean™ on their site in Borlänge. Converting waste heat into heat power and 100% clean electricity.

The Climeon Ocean™ solution extracts the untapped resource of heat from SSAB’s steel production process, and converts it into electricity. Climeon’s solution is driven by the patented C3 Technology, a low-pressure technology generating electricity at a record high efficiency.

Due to the high efficiency of Climeon Ocean™, customers receive a profitable business case and large savings on fossil fuel and CO2 emissions. Even the smallest Climeon Ocean™ unit can save up to 200 tons of fuel and 600 tons of CO2 emissions every year. This is same as planting 30 000 trees and letting them grow for 30 years.

“For Climeon this is another confirmation how well our technology works in field and the extent of value our solution delivers to customers. With this announcement both our lead customers now have announced their intention to accelerate their deployments”, says Carl Åberg, Head of Steel market at Climeon. 

SSAB and Climeon jointly installed a first Climeon Ocean™ solution at SSAB’s Borlänge plant in spring of 2015. Given the successful initial deployment at site Climeon has now started taking orders for volume deployments.