Climeon Makes Headway with Landmark’s First Climate-Neutral Power Project in the UK

As part of Climeon’s ongoing collaboration with UK based partner, Landmark Power Holdings, Climeon has rewritten the previous order from December 2019 with the project’s appointed Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firm, Smith Brothers (Contracting) Limited, for the HeatPower system. The construction of the first climate-neutral flexible power plant is underway and Climeon’s HeatPower 150 system has been produced and will now be delivered with the completion of the rewritten contract. Installation will move forward this spring at the power plant in Rhodesia, Nottinghamshire, UK.

“We are pleased to work with Landmark and Climeon on this project to bring sustainable, efficient power to the UK electrical grid and look forward to a fruitful cooperation."
David Ogden, Managing Director, Smith Brothers

"The construction of our power plants take us one step closer to bringing climate-neutral power to the UK and we are delighted to continue on this journey with Climeon. Climeon's low temperature ORC system increases the efficiency of the power plants and ensures the highest possible cycle efficiency. We have chosen to partner with Climeon because they have the market's most efficient ORC systems for converting low temperature heat into electricity."
Michael Avison, CEO, Landmark Power Holdings

The UK is investing heavily in renewable power, mainly wind power. Due to wind power’s intermittent nature, the UK has a great need for flexible power to balance the system. Landmark Power Holdings, has developed a concept for environmentally friendly flexible power with natural gas-powered engines, using Climeon's technology to increase energy efficiency and carbon capture technology to minimize carbon emissions.

"It is great that this first project is now underway to accelerate the energy transition towards more efficient carbon-neutral electricity generation. We are looking forward to applying our HeatPower technology to increase energy efficiency at the power plant. From a technical perspective, the application of HeatPower technology within power stations has noticeable similarities to our marine installations, thus making power generation a logical and exciting focus area for Climeon.” 
Lena Sundquist, CEO, Climeon