Climeon expands its production capacity

Climeon and Mastec in collaboration for full-scale production to produce 2500 Climeon Heat Power systems per year.

Today, Tuesday, May 16th, 2017, Climeon and Mastec show up the new production line for the Climeon Heat Power System. Until today, Climeon has had capacity for about 400 systems per year, but thanks to increased market demand and more customers, Climeon, in partnership with reputable Mastec, now has a full-scale production to produce 2500 Climeon Heat Power systems per year.

“There is an increased demand for renewable energy in the world, especially when it comes to renewable base-load, where heat power, and the Climeon Heat power system is one of the answers to that demand. That's why we are incredibly happy and proud of the cooperation we have with Mastec, which gives us the opportunity for full-scale production with the high-end quality our customers demand, "says Thomas Öström CEO of Climeon.

About Climeon Heat Power system

Heat is one of the largest untapped resources in the world with 50% of all energy being dumped as waste heat. With the Climeon Heat Power system on you can convert this waste heat into clean energy. By utilizing waste heat at temperatures below 120°C, the range at which the largest volume of waste heat is found, Climeon transforms this heat into a valuable asset for our customers. We exist to make the world a better place, and together with our customers, we are doing exactly that!

About Mastec

Mastec AB is a privately-owned group with a number of plants in southern Sweden, Poland and China. Mastec acts as subcontractors in major industrial projects. From idea and product development to series production and assembly. We offer cutting machining in metal and plastic, advanced welding and bending of sheet metal, but also surface treatment and injection molding of plastic. We are a key supplier to several of the largest and most interesting new companies in Sweden and our aim is to continue to be that.