Announcement from Climeon AB’s (publ) Annual General Meeting on 19th of May 2021

The shareholders of Climeon AB (publ) held on Wednesday on the 19th of May 2019, the Annual General Meeting. In light of Covid-19, the meeting was held by postal ballot, without physical participation. The following is a summary of the most important decisions made at the meeting.

Annual report
The annual report and the auditor’s report were presented and adopted.

Discharge from liability
The AGM discharged the members of the Board and the managing director from liability.

The AGM decided in accordance with the Nomination Committee's proposal, that a fee of a total of SEK 1,200,000 (previous year SEK 1,400,000) would be paid to the board and to be distributed with SEK 400,000 to the Chairman (previous year SEK 400,000) and with SEK 200,000 each to other board members who are not employees in the company (previous year SEK 200,000). The AGM further resolved that a fee of SEK 40,000 (SEK 0) would be paid to the Chairman of the Remuneration Committee and SEK 20,000 (SEK 0) to each other member of the Remuneration Committee, and that a fee of SEK 80,000 (SEK 0) be paid to Chairman of the Audit Committee and SEK 40,000 (SEK 0) to each other member of the Audit Committee.

It was decided that the fees to the auditors would be paid in accordance with reasonable invoicing.

Board of Directors
The AGM resolved in accordance with the Nomination Committee's proposal, to re-elect Jan Svensson, Thomas Öström, Charlotte Strand and Therese Lundstedt as ordinary Board members, and to newly elect Anders Lindberg as ordinary Board member. Thomas Öström was appointed Chairman of the Board (new election) and Jan Svensson Deputy Chairman (re-election).

The AGM decided to re-elect Deloitte AB as accountant firm. It was noted that the chartered accountant Johan Telander will continue as head auditor.

Guidelines for remuneration to senior executives
The AGM adopted the updated guidelines proposed by the Board for Remuneration to the President and other executives who are part of Group management.

Authorization of the board to decide on new issues
In accordance with the Board's proposal, the AGM resolved to authorize the Board to decide on new issues of Class B shares, convertibles and / or warrants including a share capital increase of a maximum of SEK 81,000 corresponding to a maximum of 5,400,000 new Class B shares until the next Annual General Meeting.

Amendment of the Articles of Association
The AGM resolved to amend item 9 of the Articles of Association by removing information on the record date, as an adaptation to amended legislation.

Climeon AB (publ)

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Climeon is a Swedish product company within energy technology. The company’s unique technology for geothermal heat power - Heat Power - makes a large untapped energy resource available and provides sustainable electricity around the clock all year round. Heat Power is a cheap and renewable energy source with the potential of replacing much of the energy that comes from coal, nuclear, oil and gas, today. Climeon aims to become a global leader and the world's number one climate solver. The
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