Climeon produces heat power systems, converting waste heat and geothermal heat
into clean electricity. We do business for a better world.
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Climeon's ambition is to contribute and support the global Sustainable Development Goals that were set in Paris 2015. This will help solve problems in our society and create a sustainable future. Energy plays a crucial role in achieving nearly all 17 sustainability goals. From energy’s role in defeating poverty through advancements in health, education, water supply and industrialization, to combating climate change. Efficient, clean and sustainable energy solutions are crucial for helping to achieve these advancements while at the same time reversing climate change.

Our mission is to do business for a better world. More than 50% of the energy in the world is wasted as heat. This is one of the largest untapped resources in the world. Heat Power is converting that energy into clean electricity 24/7, without dependency on weather. Our technology can, along with wind and solar power, replace traditional energy resources to deliver clean electricity - and a cleaner planet.

Climeon’s technology can readily be implemented on ships, aluminum, cement and steel plants and a multitude of other waste heat producing industries. Climeon’s Heat Power module is specifically designed to capture the low temperature waste heat from these processes and convert it into clean electricity. Climeon’s proprietary technology allows the conversion to be more efficient, and at a smaller cost than ever before.

We take an active stand in public debates to combat climate change. We have strict requirements on our own sustainability, social responsibility, environmental work and take an ethical stand towards our vendors and collaboration partners. Sustainability is a key factor in our development process of new products and services, and fully integrated in our organization. We will actively work to prevent the social damaging in connection to our organization. Climeon should have a transparent organizational structure that lives up to the national and international standards for ESG and operational management.



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Climeon increases capacity with new test site in Kista

Climeon increases the capacity with a new test center for development and testing of heat power modules in Kista. The new facility increases Climeon's total delivery capacity.

The new testing facility is located in connection to the company's new office in Kista, with the possibility of more customer demonstrations, faster development verification, extended test time and a unified organization.

- We are building the business to become a globally leading product company within energy technology, says CEO Thomas Öström. Therefore, it is strategic for us to gather the organization in one place.

- With the new test center in Kista, we will have development, delivery and service in one place and the entire organization will be close to the technology, continues Thomas Öström. This gives us optimal conditions for continued expansion.

At present, all of Climeon's modules are tested in Norrköping before they are delivered to customers. The new test center's higher capacity matches production capacity better.

Climeon's business is focused on carefully and professionally steering towards business that has the potential to deliver high volumes. In order to meet a rapidly rising demand and higher volumes, the business is being built to scale up. The expansion of the testing capacity is a part of this work.

The Heat Power modules are produced by contract manufacturer Mastec in Vaggeryd, Småland. Mastec's facility has the capacity to produce 400 modules per year with the possibility of scaling up to a maximum of 2,500 modules per year. Scalability is primarily made possible by the Heat Power system being based on standardized modules that can be serially manufactured. Mastec also conducts testing in Vaggeryd.

At the end of the second quarter of 2018, Climeon's order backlog amounted to approximately SEK 740 million.

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About Climeon
Climeon is a Swedish product company within energy technology. The company's unique technology for geothermal heat power - Heat Power - provides sustainable electricity around the clock all year round, in abundance and cheaper than the alternatives, and thus outperforms other types of energy. Climeon aims to become a global leader and the world's number one climate solver. The B share is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier. Certified Adviser is FNCA Sweden AB.



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