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Havila Voyages selects Climeon for all four new ships

Mar. 2, 2020

Climeon has received an order from Norwegian Havila Voyages to install Heat Power systems on four newly built vessels. The order value amounts to about SEK 15.4 million... READ MORE


Climeon Enters Strategic Partnership with Geo40

Dec. 20, 2019

Climeon collaborates with New Zealand-based geothermal minerals firm Geo40 to capture valuable minerals and increase the geothermal electricity production... READ MORE


Climeon Completes Sea Trials with Virgin Voyages and Fincantieri

Dec. 13, 2019

Climeon has successfully passed the SeaTrials for Virgin Voyages first ship, the Scarlet Lady... READ MORE


Climeon Wins Order in the United Kingdom

Dec. 9, 2019

Climeon has won a first order in the United Kingdom worth SEK 19.7 million, including software licenses and service fees... READ MORE


A symbolic power plant proving the synergies of Onsen and Heat Power

In late April, in the midst of the on-going pandemic, Climeon commissioned its first geothermal installation in Japan. The first installation was a bottoming cycle where the Heat Power module recovers the waste heat from…

Climeon Close Up 2020

For Climeon and many of our shareholders, the Annual General Meeting and the following event is the highlight of the investor year. For us in the management team, getting the opportunity to meet so many…

Why Geothermal power plants need to be modular, scaleable and standardized

Traditional geothermal plants, both binary and steam-turbine-based, have followed a familiar strategy of implementation for many years. A step-by-step roadmap from identifying and assessing the resource, testing and drilling, building and finally operating the power…

April 24th 2020 – A milestone for us at Climeon

April 24th was a milestone for us at Climeon. Our, Climeon’s, first Heat Power system in a geothermal power plant in Japan has successfully been commissioned and is now producing electricity. It was in 2018,…

Climeon’s Sustainable Baseload Power, with Maria Holmberg

Last week, Maria Holmberg, Regional Manager at Climeon, had the privilege of being interviewed by Johan Landgren for the “Evolution Show”. She talked about Climeon, its history, technology, solutions and customers. It is a great…

Three Ways of Lowering Oil Refineries’ Carbon Footprint

Refining is one of the oldest industrial processes in the world. Crude oil has been distilled for centuries by the Persians and other Middle Eastern civilizations to produce tar, used to finish and protect pavements…

Climeon CEO Thomas Öström Presenting at Redeye (in Swedish)

On Tuesday, our CEO, Thomas Öström presented our business and products at Redeye. The video is in Swedish describing Climeon’s offering, a description of our solutions.

Geo40, Climeon & Baseload Capital – Business for a Better World

A deep dive into our possibilities How has geothermal energy been used so far? What have the challenges been in utilizing geothermal energy? What possibilities are there? What solutions do we have at hand and…

Burning Empty Calories – Energy Waste in Food Processing

What is a genset A genset consists in short of a reciprocating engine connected to a generator. The internal combustion engine generates the rotational force that spins the rotor within the generator or alternator, which…