generate clean ELECTRICITY
from industrial waste heat

Convert low temperature waste heat into clean, carbon-free electricity. Generate renewable power on site, reduce energy costs and cut CO2 emissions with Climeon’s HeatPower technology.

HeatPower300 unit.

Turn waste heat into carbon-free electricity

Generate clean, sustainable electricity on site with Climeon’s HeatPower technology. 

Industrial waste heat recovery repurposes thermal energy generated by industrial processes and converts it into carbon-free electricity that can be used on site or sold to the grid.

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Reliable on-site
electricity production

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Increase energy efficiency

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Boost renewable
power sources

Produce up to 355kW with HeatPower 300
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Reduce CO2 emissions

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Modular and scalable
for maximum energy outputs

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Lower energy costs

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Source of Cost-Efficient Sustainable Power

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Convert waste heat from temps as low as 80° C

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Automated energy generation

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No impact on existing production processes

Generate clean energy

HeatPower 300 Industrial empowers companies to generate clean, carbon-free electricity on site, thus safeguarding access to reliable, renewable power and reducing your energy costs.

By capturing and converting unused thermal energy, HeatPower technology leverages an often overlooked byproduct and transofrms it into a valuable asset.

REDUCE CO2 Emissions

Adding carbon-free electricity to your energy mix allows you to increase your reliance on renewable power and increase the energy efficiency of your operations.

In doing so, you can enhance your sustainable profile, lower CO2 emissions and comply with sector-specific environmental regulations.

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Reduce your carbon footprint

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Meet environmental targets

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Lower OPEX

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Cut electricity costs

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Increase energy efficiency


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Climeon’s HeatPower technology delivers world-leading conversion efficiency rates at low temperatures.

Based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) thermodynamic principle, Climeon’s HeatPower technology exploits the temperature difference between a hot and cold source and uses an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable working media to enable energy production at lower temperatures.

As industrial processes generate vast amounts of waste heat, HeatPower units are ideally suited to convert this unused waste heat into clean, carbon-free electricity.

Delivering both financial and environmental benefits, HeatPower 300 gives industrial processing facilities the freedom to generate on-site sustainable electricity, lower OPEX and accelerate your sustainable transition.

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