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Geothermal heat power can be found everywhere on earth and should be considered an unlimited source of renewable electricity. Geothermal is the only renewable sources of energy that can produce a base-load of electricity 24/7.

Unlike other renewable sources, such as wind and solar, the Climeon Heat Power system is unaffected by weather conditions. This means our production can run day and night, throughout the year. Geothermal has the potential to replace the world's entire fossil fuel-based electricity production.

In the illustration above you can see an example of a Climeon binary power plant that utilizes hot water from the ground to produce electricity, the hot water is then returned to the ground at a lower temperature. 

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By converting low temperature heat into clean electricity, you can shorten the exploration time and cut the drilling cost by more than 50%. By utilizing heat from temperature sources that are below 100°C, or 212°F, the Climeon Heat Power system will reduce the need for drilling new wells. With the Climeon system it is possible to reuse old wells, utilizing low temperature heat, thus increasing revenue, and speeding up the development time for projects.


The system's low-pressure levels allow a compact and modular design, making it easily scalable from 150kW modules to several 50 MW systems for larger installations. The modular design ensures optimal efficiency, even at partial load. Modules are automatically powered on, or off, to match thermal power whenever there is fluctuation in the heat source. The Climeon system can be connected to any heat source and comes as a complete product. It consists of only three moving parts per module: a turbine and two pumps.

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The system can be configured both in parallel and series. This flexibility makes it possible to optimize the utilization of the available flow and temperature. The practical aspect of modularity is that you can use the same product to expand your project, hassle-free.

The Climeon Heat Power module is flexible and can be used for different flows and temperatures without any customization, making it perfect for all projects that want a quick and secure deployment.

Let’s say you’ve drilled a well and discovered you have 60 liters per second of 100°C hot water. You want to start producing power as soon as possible, but you believe that the heat source has higher potential. Then you can simply install six modules now and add more in the future as you expand your project.

Module size


    • 150 kW modules
    • High efficiency
    • Serial and parallel connection
    • Plug and play
    • Flexible arrangement



The biggest challenges for geothermal development are the costs and risks associated with the exploration. Drilling for high-temperature resources is often very expensive, and finding suitable wells can be time-consuming.

Climeon Heat Power System consists of 150 kW modules and the power plant can therefore be designed to fit the characteristics of each individual well. This saves cost and gives a higher utilization factor of the power plant since only the capacity needed is installed.

One of the most prominent benefits of a modular well-head power plant is the possibility to shorten the lead time of the project development and mitigate the financial risk. An incremental model for the deployment of geothermal projects makes it possible to finance the expansion with the cash flow from the previous power plant.