A ship is depicted traveling from east to west at dawn. The ocean is calm and the sun is rising, casting an orange glow in the sky.

Committed to the future and sustainable shipping?

The Maritime Industry is highly affected by the upcoming 2020 regulations, increased fuel prices and the environmental awareness of the end customers and their demand for green shipping. The need for adaptation to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy solution is urgent in the increasingly competitive global market.

There are several ways to tackle the challenges and one way is to improve Vessel’s energy efficiency, use eco-friendly technology to reduce CO2 emissions which is exactly what the Climeon HP 150 does.

Ships generate large amounts of waste heat, which is usually found in the form of exhaust gases, engine cooling water, and excess steam. Climeon’s Heat Power system uses this untapped energy source to generate clean electricity while at the same time reduces the fuel consumption and the CO2 emissions.


We are proud of the partnerships we have with our customers. Working closely together to find the best solution for both business and climate.


Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Voyages has been a customer to Climeon since 2016, when it ordered a total of 18 Heat Power modules for three ships.

“The best way of doing good is to do it without it costing a lot of money. Ideally you even save money while doing good – Climeon offers this, which makes it so exciting. In the years to come, we will see more players doing business with companies that are making a real effort to get their own house in order. We are going to work on conveying the message – we are proud of what Climeon are doing for our ships and we are going to let people know about it”.  

Sir Richard Branson


A Climeon system was installed onboard Viking Line’s ship Grace in 2015. Grace is a passenger ferry going between Sweden and Åland. After a successful testing period, as the CO2 and fuel savings were higher than expected, Viking Line’s decided to develop the cooperation with Climeon further. On a vessel like the one installed on Viking Grace, Climeon can produce as much as 1 megawatt of power, which can reduce the cost of fuel up to 5%. Saving energy means saving money and with Climeon, it means being environmentally friendly at the same time.

In 2016 Viking Line decided to install Climeon’s solution to all new ship and to look over retrofit installations on current ships. In August 2017, Viking Line placed a repeat order for a full-scale installation on their newest passenger ferry.

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