The Climeon team standing outside the NEO GROUP plant in Lithuania.

Climeon Visits NEO GROUP to Prepare for HeatPower 300 Installation

The Climeon team has visited NEO GROUP’s PET resins and Polyol production plant to initiate the planning phase of its upcoming HeatPower 300 installation. As we announced earlier this year, EPC firm, UAB Termolink will install two HeatPower 300 units at the NEO GROUP manufacturing plant to generate clean, on-site electricity from the plant’s waste heat streams.

Last month, Climeon’s CEO, Lena Sundquist, Head of R&D, Jonas Måhlen, Key Account Manager, Joakim Jaeger, and Climeon’s Senior Mechanical Engineer assigned to the project, Manthan Shah, visited NEO GROUP’s plant in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The team met with Termolink’s Project Manager, Romas Jankauskas, NEO GROUP’s Research and Technology Managemer, Kestutis Narmontas, to survey the site and prepare for the installation.


Kestutis Narmontas, Research and Technology Manager at NEO GROUP giving a tour of the plant.

Like all industrial facilities, NEO GROUP’s PET resins and Polyol manufacturing plant generates a considerable amount of waste heat. When merging ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid to produce PET resins, for example, steam is generated. Climeon’s HeatPower 300 system will repurpose this excess steam to generate clean, carbon-free electricity, which will then be used to power operations at the plant.

As well as providing an on-site source of sustainable energy, the use of our HeatPower 300 units will enable NEO GROUP to reduce the cost of electricity and serve as a method of achieving its sustainability goals


The group standing in front of the cooling towers (white structure) that currently cool the manufacturing process and will also cool Climeon's ORC unit. 

Like other EU countries, Lithuania has set out ambitious sustainability goals to help mitigate the global climate crisis. Aiming to reduce emissions by 80% and achieve climate neutrality by 2050, the Lithuanian government is encouraging businesses to increase energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprints. By integrating new climate technology, like Climeon’s HeatPower system, companies like NEO GROUP can transform an existing byproduct (waste heat) into a valuable source of sustainable power.


Kestutis Narmontas, Research and Technology Manager at NEO GROUP inside the plant explaining where the system will be installed.


Climeon's Delivery Project Manager, Joakim Jaeger, and Termolink's Project Manager, Romas Jankauskas, standing on the roof where the HeatPower unit will be lifted 28 meters up and into the building.

Having visited the site, the Climeon Engineering team will now set about preparing the HeatPower 300 units for delivery to Termolink in order to ensure seamless performance and maximum sustainable energy production at the NEO GROUP manufacturing plant.

We were delighted to meet the team at NEO GROUP and explore the site to gather critical data to assist us in the commissioning of its HeatPower 300 units. Now, we look forward to delivering leading waste-heat-to-power systems that will reduce the environmental impact of the plant and assist NEO GROUP in building a more sustainable future.”


Lena Sundquist

CEO, Climeon

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