Members of the Climeon Marine team and representatives from World Ocean Co., Ltd standing, facing the camera, in front of an exhibition booth.

Climeon Partners with South Korean Sales Representative, World Ocean Co., Ltd

Climeon is pleased to announce a new partnership with World Ocean Co., Ltd, a renowned maritime sales and service provider based in South Korea. This exclusive partnership will strengthen Climeon’s presence in the region and serve the increasing demand for HeatPower 300 systems and sustainable on-board solutions.

With over 30 years’ experience, World Ocean Co., Ltd represents overseas equipment companies operating within shipbuilding, offshore and construction. Combining local knowledge, industry expertise and a passion for service quality, World Ocean Co. Ltd is a recognized leader within the shipbuilding equipment sector and provides end-to-end servicing, including installation, maintenance and repair.

As Climeon’s sales partner in South Korea, World Ocean Co., Ltd will promote Climeon’s HeatPower 300 waste heat recovery technology throughout the region.

South Korea’s central role in the global shipbuilding industry ensures the country is a key location for maritime equipment sales. By expanding our presence throughout the region, Climeon will continue to support shipbuilders, shipowners and shipyards as they strive to cultivate more eco-friendly ships and build a sustainable future.

We look forward to adding Climeon’s HeatPower technology to our range of maritime equipment products and are honored that Climeon has selected World Ocean Co., Ltd as its South Korean sales partner. Expanding our range of emissions-reduction technology is critical to meeting the demands of an evolving industry and we are delighted that Climeon’s waste heat recovery system will provide our customers with access to dependable on-board sustainable electricity and meaningful CO2 reductions.

Peter Pyon

Senior Executive Director, World Ocean Co., Ltd

Climeon is thrilled to formally announce our new partnership with World Ocean Co., Ltd and we look forward to collaborating with its talented and experienced team. The South Korean maritime market presents unrivaled opportunities, and we are excited to introduce Climeon’s HeatPower 300 technology to an ever-increasing customer base with local expert support from World Ocean Co., Ltd.

Fredrik Thoren

Executive Vice President, Head of Marine, Climeon