Climeon CEO and Founder, Thomas Ostrom, is pictured on stage with a man and woman receiving the Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer award. Behind them, a white screen shows the Climeon logo and dark blue text which reads, 'Becoming the number 1 climate solver, empowering a fossil-free world with heat power'.

Climeon is a Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer

Every year Bloomberg New Energy Finance goes hunting around the world for companies that are game-changers in the field of clean energy technology and innovation. 

They pick just ten and this year Climeon is one of them.

The criteria Bloomberg sets are rigid – it’s not enough just to have an innovative idea. They will look at your technology or business model innovation, and what novelty it brought to the market. Then they look for evidence of substantive progress in the form of strong commercial partnerships, that the distribution channels are in place and there is sales growth. Finally, they take a close look at the potential to scale and have a global impact.

If your company qualifies it’s named a New Energy Pioneer.

We are thrilled to be one of the 10 companies Bloomberg New Energy Finance have named for 2018. This means that we will be recognized for our leadership in clean energy technologies and business transformation:

“Climeon’s vision is to become the number 1 climate solver. To reach this we have to be true pioneers. Becoming a Bloomberg New Energy Pioneer confirms that we are on the right path and it really makes us very proud.” says Thomas Öström, CEO and Founder Climeon

“We are very encouraged by the innovation, determination and creativity shown by these Pioneers and by the potential that they have to help transform the energy and transport systems” says Michael Wilshire, selection committee chair and head of strategy at Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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