Five members of the Climeon team in blue overallson board a Maersk container ship

Climeon: 2021 in Review

It’s been a busy year at Climeon HQ and, as we approach the festive season, it’s the perfect time to take a look back at what we’ve achieved in 2021. Read on to find out what we’ve been up to this year and get a glimpse of what’s to come in 2022…

Our New CEO - Lena Sundquist

In August 2021, we welcomed Lena Sundquist on board as CEO of Climeon. Her industry experience, combined with her passion for cleantech innovation, aligns perfectly with Climeon’s corporate and environmental goals. Already driving the brand forward and strengthening our presence in key markets, we look forward to Lena steering our ship as we undertake new projects and challenges in 2022. 

Lena Sundquist wearing a black padded coat, standing in front of a Climeon heat power module at a power plant in Iceland.

Climeon Heat Power Modules On Board Maersk Fleet

If you haven’t seen our recent announcement, you’ll be excited to learn that Climeon heat power modules are fully operational on board a Maersk container vessel. Committed to being a driving force in the decarbonization of the maritime industry, Maersk is eager to embrace effective solutions to achieve net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050.

In the latter part of 2021, Climeon’s heat power modules were installed and commissioned on board a container vessel, giving Maersk the opportunity to evaluate its performance and potential for increasing energy-efficiency. At Climeon, we’re thrilled to be partnering with the renowned industry leader and are excited to bring heat power and waste heat recovery to the Maersk fleet.  

Remote Factory Acceptance Tests

COVID-19 may have brought unprecedented challenges throughout 2020 and 2021, but the pandemic also gave us the opportunity to develop innovative new solutions that will deliver genuine value in both the short and long-term.

Prior to installing and commissioning Climeon heat power modules, factory acceptance tests (FATs) are carried out. This confirms that the equipment is fully operational, meets the customer’s specification and ensures optimal post-install performance.

While on-site FATs were restricted due to COVID-19 regulations, Climeon developed a new, remote alternative. Now, we can conduct seamless quality assurance via remote FATs, as highlighted by our long-distance factory acceptance tests for Havila Voyages.

Split image of a ship sailing on still waters and a laptop showing a remote FAT being carried out.

With significant cost and time savings, as well as environmental benefits, remote factory acceptance testing has been welcomed by our customers and partners, which is why it will remain a viable alternative to on-site testing for upcoming projects!

Setting Sail with Virgin Voyage’s

Virgin Voyage’s premiere cruise ship, Scarlet Lady, set sail on its maiden voyage in October, with six Climeon heat power modules on board. The first cruise line to achieve net-zero from its first day at sea, our heat power system is delivering up to 900kW of onboard energy, meaning that almost a fifth of Scarlet Lady’s total power requirements have the potential to come from waste heat recovery.

Working with master shipbuilder Fincantieri, Climeon will be supplying heat power modules to all four of the cruise line’s ships. Following successful sea trials back in March, Virgin Voyage’s second ship, Valiant Lady, is scheduled to depart on her maiden voyage in March 2022, with the line’s third ship, Resilient Lady, setting sail in July 2022.

Deck of a cruise ship, with a swimming pool surrounded by blue loungers in the foreground and an upper deck with red railings in the background.

Climeon was lucky enough to get a sneak peak on board the Scarlet Lady at the ‘It’s Go Time’ celebration:

Richard Branson wearing a navy patterned shirt and Leonidas Lavdas wearing a dark suit at a reception on board a cruise ship.

The atmosphere on board is outstanding. Virgin Voyage’s has created an incredible experience for sustainable luxury travelers.

Leonidas Lavdas, CEO of Technonaval and Climeon Sweden Local Representative

As Climeon renews its focus on the maritime industry, look out for more updates on our partnership with Virgin Voyage’s in the New Year!

Scaling Power Plants in Iceland

Climeon’s modular approach to renewable energy gives companies the opportunity to scale their green energy production in accordance with business needs, and that’s just what Varmaorka has done!

We teamed up with the Icelandic geothermal power plant company in 2018, when we installed four Climeon heat power modules at one of their power plants in Flúðir. The success of the project led to significant expansion, with a further four Climeon heat power modules being commissioned in 2021.

With more Climeon heat power modules on site, production capacity has doubled from 600kW to 1.2MW. As predicted, our modular heat power solution complements growing businesses and enables innovative firms, like Varmaorka, to scale at a rate that suits them.

MicrosoftTeams-image (26)

Since then, we’ve also supplied heat power modules to Varmaorka’s second Icelandic plant, situated in Reykholt, an historic town that has used geothermal energy for heating since the Viking Age. Varmaorka’s 300kW power plant supplies clean energy to the surrounding area, as well as powering the district heating system

MicrosoftTeams-image (34.2)

Attending the World Geothermal Congress 2020+1 in Reykjavik in October, our CEO, Lena Sundquist, also took the opportunity to tour the power plants:

It was fantastic to see the power plants first hand and meet our customers and partners in Geothermal face-to-face. The ongoing effort in Iceland to establish localized renewable baseload power is truly impressive and our team at Climeon has achieved incredible progress in this endeavor.

Lena Sundquist, CEO, Climeon

Iceland’s reserves of geothermal energy, combined with Varmaorka’s entrepreneurial spirit and Climeon’s heat power technology, is already proving just how quick, flexible and accessible renewable energy can be. As the potential of geo-energy comes to the fore, we’re excited to continue facilitating future small, scalable geothermal power plants in Iceland and around the world. 

Joining TotalEnergies’ Plant 4.0 Startup Incubator

After a successful pitch by our Head of Sales Sustainable Oil & Gas Solutions, Laure Mora, Climeon was one of just six companies selected to join the Accelerator program. Designed to identify ‘the most groundbreaking Industry 4.0 startups from around the world’ and ‘support the deployment of digital technologies in industrial activities’, Climeon is thrilled to be joining a stellar line-up of innovators and revolutionaries.

Launched by TotalEnergies, in conjunction with Air Liquide, Eiffage, Orano, Saint-Gobain and Solvay, the program will enable Climeon to access experimentation opportunities within a specialized ecosystem, collaborate with industry leaders and facilitate the development of next gen solutions.

Decarbonizing Long-Distance Shipping

In June 2021, Climeon joined an esteemed group of Maritime players to launch the EU-funded Horizon 2020 research project, CHEK – DeCarbonizing Shipping by Enabling Key technologies symbiosis on real vessel concept designs.

The consortium, made up of the University of Vaasa, The World Maritime University, Wärtsilä, Cargill, MSC Cruises, Lloyds Register, Silverstream Technologies, Hasytec, Deltamarin, BAR Technologies and Climeon, aims to realize net-zero shipping by revolutionizing the way ships are designed and operated.

By creating a future-proof vessel design platform and incorporating a variety of new technologies, including sail power, waste heat recovery, hull air lubrication and battery electric power, the consortium plans to develop two vessel designs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 99%, achieve at least 50% energy savings and reduce black carbon emissions by over 95%.

Pyramid diagram with three layers in dark blue, mid-blue and light green, depicting the different stages of the CHEK project.

In November, CHEK confirmed that initial digital prototypes and KPIs based on real vessel operating profiles and performance were complete. Now, the consortium will develop its technological options and make preparations for the deployment of decarbonization technologies for its real vessel demonstrations.

A digital images of two vessels, a red bulk carrier and a white cruise ship, sailing on a calm sea with a light blue sky and white clouds in the background.

With two CHEK vessels set to begin their journeys in 2022, we’re excited to play a part in future-proofing the maritime industry and contribute to the decarbonization of this critical sector. To learn more about the project, take a look at the CHEK website here.

Delivering Net-Zero Solutions in the UK

In a bid to increase the use of renewable energy in the UK, Climeon is partnering with Landmark Power Holdings Ltd and Victory Hill Capital Advisors LLP to deliver net-zero flexible power generation projects.

As part of the collaboration, Climeon is providing support in the design and optimization of a ready-made concept that can be used by developers who build, install, own and operate similar power plants.

A lush green field with four pylons and two trees in the distance, with a cloudy and bright blue sky.

By incorporating waste heat recovery into the concept, we can offer increased resilience and reliability and serve as a balancing power to weather-dependent sources of renewable energy, such as wind and solar.

Unsurprisingly, the 24/7/365 availability of heat power makes waste heat recovery an obvious choice for companies that want to safeguard their power supplies while reducing emissions and increasing sustainability and we’re pleased to be teaming up with industry visionaries to make clean energy a reality.

Taking Part in Maritime Day Åland

Maritime Day Åland is always a top event and the Climeon team were pleased to be taking part in 2021’s exhibitions. Run by Ålands Sjöfart, the unique event is a great opportunity for shipping professionals to unite, share insights and explore innovative new solutions.

After a run of virtual events throughout 2020 and 2021, it was wonderful to be able to meet with colleagues and friends in person again in this spectacular location and our Maritime team had a fantastic time!

Fredrik Thoren and Ulf Granlund standing in front of Climeon-branded signage at an exhibition

What’s New for 2022?

There’s plenty of exciting developments on the horizon in 2022, so be sure to follow us on social media to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

In the meantime, we’d like to thank our investors, partners and customers for their continued support and wish you all a happy and healthy festive season!