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Waste heat recovery can be used across a variety of sectors to generate clean electricity, increase energy emissions and reduce CO2 emissions. Climeon HeatPower technology targets the most energy-intensive processes and industries to maximize environmental savings and deliver the biggest impact.

To find out how Climeon HeatPower systems can transform your operations, explore our applications now:

HeatPower systems generate up to 1MW of clean, onboard energy, reduce CO2 emissions by up to 62,500 metric tonnes and decrease fuel consumption by up to 5%. Improve EEDI, EEXI and CII ratings as you decarbonize your fleet.

Secure baseload power and reduce emissions by using HeatPower waste heat technology to generate clean energy and maximize power production.

Convert a hazardous byproduct into a valuable asset by repurposing the waste heat generated from industrial processes into renewable, green electricity.

Realize the potential of thermal energy with HeatPower geothermal power production. Generate clean electricity and renewable heat to power local homes and businesses.


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