An LNG carrier in a port with the text 'Climeon Insights' at the top right and 'Alternative Fuels and HeatPower 300' at the bottom of the image.

Alternative Fuels & HeatPower 300

Low-carbon fuels are predicted to play a critical role in the sustainable transition, but when will they come into play and what impact will they have?

Their current limited availability and forecasted cost means alternative fuels are likely to be a partial long-term solution to reducing CO2 emissions but they're not a cure-all.

By combining alternative fuels with sustainable tech, however, we can increase their impact and reduce associated costs.

In our latest Insights article, we explore how Climeon's low-temp waste heat recovery HeatPower 300 technology can optimize the use of low-carbon fuels and deliver futureproof 'fuel flexibility' throughout the maritime industry.

The front cover of a Climeon Insights article with an LNG carrier in port shown as the background image and the title, 'Maximizing the Impact and Reducing the Cost of Alternative Marine Fuels with Low-Temp ORC Waste Heat Recovery' displayed in white.

Download our Insights article to find out how Climeon's HeatPower 300 system can maximize the impact and reduce the cost of alternative marine fuels with low-temp ORC waste heat recovery.