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Climeon turns heat into clean electricity 24/7, unaffected by weather conditions
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Turning heat into profit

50% of the world's energy is wasted as low temperature heat.
Climeon is a cleantech equipment vendor and world leader in converting low temperature heat into electricity. By exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water or gas, the Climeon Heat Power system converts low temperature waste heat or geothermal heat into profitable clean electricity. Find out more here, or download our Climeon Tech Product Sheet.

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Where can low temperature heat be found?

Climeon’s patented technology, the Climeon Heat Power system, converts waste heat and geothermal heat into electricity.
Saving fuel and electricity cost - as well as the environment.

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Converting the low temp heat within engines in ships can save thousands of tonnes of co₂ emissions. This is not only great for the economy of the ship owner but also for the environment.

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Converting low temperature waste heat into electricity, called waste heat recovery. Waste heat is found in large quantities in gensets, power plants and in industrial processes.


With geothermal heat energy Climeon produces electricity in it's cleanest form, with production running day and night.

Virgin Voyages

Early on, Sir Richard Branson jumped on the Climeon journey with his recent company Virgin Voyages. As an advocate for clean electricity himself, getting involved with Climeon and Heat Power was inevitable.
Let him explain why.

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