Thomas Vaggeryd May 2017

The founder

Every entrepreneur’s dream is to find the solution to an unsolved problem. Essentially, it’s what entrepreneurship is all about. Climeon’s founder, Thomas Öström, took entrepreneurship to a new level when he decided to tackle one of humanity’s biggest issues today, the energy and climate crisis. Thomas’ moment of clarity arrived on a walk he took while on a business trip in Beijing. The smog he inhaled made him feel like something had to change and that he had to be a part of that change. Industry had grappled with questions concerning energy efficiency and CO2 reduction for decades but had continuously failed. So, what could be different this time?

Climeon today

Today Climeon is stationed in Sweden's tech hub area Kista in Stockholm, and was essentially founded by Thomas and neighbour Dr. Joachim Karthäuser. The company has grown tremendously, in both employees and revenue. Customers today range from a cruise lines in the United States, steel manufacturers in India and a biomass power plant in Japan. To mention a few. In 2017, Climeon decided to become a public company.