Heat Power

Clean electricity 24/7
Renewable energy from heat
Unaffected by weather conditions

Turn heat into profit

By exploiting the temperature difference between hot and cold water or gas, the Climeon Heat Power system converts low temperature waste heat or geothermal heat into profitable clean electricity. Find out more here, or download our Climeon Tech Product Sheet.


Plug and play design allows for fast and easy integration with plant's existing systems with limited distruption.

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Climeon is world leader in converting low temperature waste heat into electricity. Saving electricity and fuel costs.


As heat power is unaffected by weather conditions, production can run during nighttime as well as daytime.

Customer: Virgin Voyages

Together with Sir Richard Branson, Climeon is working towards a  sustainable cruise line industry. A full deployment of Climeon's Heat Power system of 18 modules in total will be on all Virgin Voyage's ships.

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